For kids

My dear little friends!

So, many years ago I began to invent special programs for you where you’d feel as much educated as entertained! Today my concerts for Kids and families take place in Moscow, Minsk and even as far away as in India!
In the subscrition series 2017-18 in Minsk Philharmonic Hall you will hear 3 quite exciting programs that will be performed by the Belarusian State chamber orchestra (BelSCO):
On February, 24  at 15:00- “Fairy-tale with step-dance and chamber orchestra”

Premiere in Belarus: “Shabarsha” Music Fairy Tale for step-dancer and string orchestra, op.37 by AIRAT ICHMOURATOV (CANADA) based on a short story by A. Afanassiev

Special Guest: Max Pollak (Austria-USA), step-dance

Vladimir Mischanchuk, narrator

Have you ever listened to story where the part of the percussion instruments is given to a dancer? Not an ordinary one, but a very special: step-dancer! Come and watch an amazing artist Max Pollak who will feature the role of witty Shabarsha! The great bealrusian actor Vladimir Mischanchuk will read you the fairy tale by A. Afanassiev!


On March, 17 – “The violins Duel – A.Piazzolla vs F.Kreisler”

Upon a successful experiment with D.Schostakovich and J.Strauss family music battle that took place two years ago, we will invite you to be a referee in a new duel: this time violin pieces by famous Austrian virtuoso Fritz Kreisler will stand against tango-like pieces by world-known composer from Argentina Astor Piazzolla. Come and judge!

On April, 22 – “An adventure at the String Empire”

After 5 years we are about to repeat the “Strange String Fairy-tale” by Efrem Podgaits which was premiered in Minsk with composer himself as a narrator! Only now the tale will be told in Belarusian language…By the way, for those who’d like to listen again the world-premiere performance there will be a chance to get a CD where this piece is performed by three different orchestras and told in Russian, English and French! Also, this program will feature the new Mikhail Bronner piece: “Children’s corner-II”. And again it will be a piece for Listeners and Chamber orchestra. So, participation guaranteed!

“Polyot” Concert children’s choir performs Bronner’s “Limericks” in Minsk